Connect SAPJCo configuration and support

Client is moving from an on-premise Java Application to an AWS Pega 7.4 environment.

Java Application connects to SAP using SAPJco3 jar and a dll.Client wants to leverage the old connection information and connect to SAP using Jco3 (not as a webservice).

This link states that SAP JCo can be used for on-premise SAP to on premise Java Application connection.

If this is the case,can I connect Pega on AWS cloud to the existing SAP system.

Also,Pega's guide for JCo connector,mentions the following:

Create one or more Java classes containing one or more PRPC methods corresponding to the SAP
BAPIs used for your operation.
Use the Connector and Metadata Accelerator to choose the PRPC methods to include in the connector.

Does this refer to creating Connect-Java? Where and how should I create Java classes?


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September 2, 2019 - 7:51am

SAP JCo should work as long as you setup VPN tunnel between your AWS env and your own data center. Do not confuse WSDL connector with SAP JCo. The former is SOAP style of connection (no jar files needed) whereas the latter is simply a java client provided by SAP (which would require import SAP jars into your environment). The modern integration normally uses REST endpoints, I would be surprised if SAP does not provide that, use that if possible.

September 2, 2019 - 10:13pm
Response to KevinZheng_GCS

Thanks Kevin for your reply. SAP team insists on using JCo method and we have received the SAP software(jar) and DLL from their end.

However from Pega perspective,help and PDN material directs on using Java classes and choosing relevant constructors.Are these classes referring to the java classes on jar file because we didnt find anything related to the business logic in the jar.