Configuring Repository instance (JFrog Artifactory)

Hello Team,

I am trying to configure a Repository instance for 'JFrog Artifactory' in Pega Platform v8.2

Under the Configuration -> Connection Details section, there is a field 'Host ID'. Can you please let me know from where i can get the value for this.

I have refer this post and i have got the value for "Repository key". But i don't know what will be the value for "HOST ID"



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November 27, 2019 - 9:24am

Hi all,

i am having the same problem. Not able to connect to the JFrog repository. When i click on Save, i get the error message "Could not connect to repository".

I traced and checked the log files, but no valuable information found.

Can someone help??

 i am using Pega 8.2.4 and the repository use https (the root certificate is added into the Java truststore).