Community Rules of Engagement

Our rules of engagement are the means by which we fulfill our mission.

Our Community Managers monitor for appropriate content and effective engagement by the membership and provide coaching when it’s needed – behind the scenes or in the community.

  • Do not include any data or information in your posts that are confidential or that contains the personal information of other individuals. Remember that all information you post here is accessible to the public and searchable on Google.
    Confidential or personal information includes the name of a company (customer account), personal number and email. Explicitly referring to a company by name when you are not an employee of that company is a privacy breach.
  • Apply basic practices for collaborative work. See Community Tips and Tricks.
  • Be honest, respectful, trustworthy and helpful.
    Honesty yields respect and trust. Respect and trust-worthiness boost your reputation as a helpful community member.
    • Take personal responsibility for what you post and how you engage with others. (It’s your digital footprint, eternal in the sands of time.)
    • Be transparently you. Use your real name and your role. Do not use pseudonyms, fake screen names, and other masks that create anonymity.
    • If you make a mistake, be the first to admit it.
    • Post nothing offensive. (See Prohibited Content)
    • Avoid using slang, which can impede cross-cultural and international communication.
    • Do not plagiarize the work of others.
  • Be substantive.
    • Answer questions authoritatively and concisely. Avoid cluttering discussions with noise.
    • Field questions to known Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), inside and outside the Community.
    • If you are not a SME in a knowledge domain, work your hunch outside the community space with a known SME. Wait for authoritative responses before posting.
  • Acknowledge, credit, and vet the content posted by others.
    • Like and Up Vote useful content.
    • For questions that you or others post, follow up by marking replies as Helpful Answer or Correct Answer.
    • Reply to confirm information, add information, or question information.
  • Reorient your perspective toward the big picture of product support knowledge. Our community is not another ticketing system
    • Avoid posting questions about product defects.
    • Never post a question that warrants a Sev-1 Support Request (SR).
  • Avoid sending Private Messages to other users. These private interactions could be helpful to many on our community, at present or in the future. Private discussions defeat the purpose of our community.
  • Acknowledge the content and intellectual property of others.
    • Never plagiarize content, particularly content that is external to Pegasystems sources. Doing so violates copyright laws.
    • If you find community-valuable content on the PDN authored by a SME in another place, choose to Link, Move, or Attribute the content:
      • Link to that content from our community space.
        • The link’s target place hosting content must be open to all Pega users (that is, blends Pega employees, Pega customers, and Pega partners).
        • Remember to cite the owner of the content.
      • Ask the content owner if he or she would like to re-post the content within our Community.
        • Be sensitive to the ramifications of asking another SME to re-post their content to another place.
        • To persuade the SME, cite the benefits of re-posting to the Pega Support Community ( See the Community Mission Statement).
        • Invite the SME to join the Pega Support Community, if they’re not already a member.
      • If you adapt or re-purpose the content of another Pega author, you should get permission and acknowledge the author and the original source document.
        At the top of your post, you should embed an attribution, for example “Source < URL or Digital Object Identifier (DOI) with title>, Authored by <name>”.
  • Do NOT post inappropriate content, for example, content that:
    • Is objectionable (threatening, obscene, defamatory, discriminatory)
    • Is confidential or proprietary information of Pega or any other company or party
      Confidential or personal information includes the name of a company, personal number and email.
    • Violates or infringes anyone’s intellectual property rights (including trademark, copyright, privacy, publicity, or other rights).
    • Violates any contractual agreements you may have with another
    • Contains personal information of any other party or other participants, particularly contact information or personal information that is of a sensitive nature.
    • Violates any local, state, national or international law.
    • Contains marketing materials, advertising, solicitations, or that constitutes spam.
    • Contains any software codes.
    • Contains software viruses, worms, or other malware.

***Edited by Moderator Marissa 24 May 2018***

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