CODE-PEGA-PDF.View Activity not working via running an activity

Hi All,

I have a requirement to generate and download pdf without user intervention using an Activity

i have used a repeating section and passed in HTML STream and fed it to HTMLTOPDF ,

successfully generated Markup ,

then pass it CODE-PEGA-PDF.View Activity ,

i am not able to find any error in my tracer but generated PDF has not been available to download .

Attaching the screenshot for tracer and my activity.

Please help , its critical

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September 4, 2019 - 12:27pm


Have you tested your PDF generating activity standalone manually?

For a test, did you try passing a simple html stream "<p>Hello World</p>" as the stream to HTMLtoPDF to see if the PDF is generated? If this works, then you know you need to focus on the repeating section markup to narrow this down further.

Does the parameter page on the Tracer confirm that all the params expected by the HTMLToPDF is correctly provided?

If these test still don't give you clues on how to narrow down the root cause, then you should attach the actual trace file. It will also help if you can setup this sample in a demo ruleset that we could import at our end and troubleshoot faster.

It would help to know your Pega version. Thanks.