Clients with OS Windows Server 2016 + IE11 on Pega Platform 7.1.9


Our customer has some of their CLIENT platform with Windows Server 2008(IE11 will be used to connect to Pega).

Now is Upgrading OS to Windows Server 2016 (always with IE11). We use Pega Platform 7.1.9

From support guide on pages 42 i see Microsoft Windows 7-8-10 are supported (with IE11 and other browser); but there is no reference to Windows Server OS used as client to connect to Pega Platform.

Are there any compatibility issue for using a client with Windows Server 2016 and IE11 as Pega Client?

Is Correct to assume that if Pega Platform 7.1.9 is certified to run on Windows10 + IE11 Clients is also certified to run on Windows Server 2016+IE11 clients?

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November 14, 2019 - 2:07pm

I do not think we can make any formal support statements on combinations which were not tested. (Hence the exclusion of non-typical client OS from the client section of the support guide.)

With that said... I believe in most scenarios the client OS is not going matter in terms of most features. The areas where you will want to be concerned with, is if you have any client side desktop integration features (e.g. Word Merge, Edit in Excel, etc). That is where the client OS is going to most certainly matter.