Class Abc-Data-Xyz is mapped to external DB table which has column 'image' of unsupported type LONGBLOB

Hi All,
We want to get image from an external table present in MySql DB.
The pega platform version is 8.1 on cloud and DB is PostgreSQL.
When we are trying test the connection and map the column 'image' of type LONGBLOB in data class Abc-Data-Xyz, we are getting error
"Class Abc-Data-Xyz is mapped to table which has column 'image' of unsupported type LONGBLOB"
PostgreSQL DB is expecting column type as 'Bytea' while MySql DB has option as 'BLOB' or 'LONGBLOB'."

Can anyone please help in selecting the column type to store image which can be supported by both type of DB server and the property type in Pega to map with it.

Thanks in advance!!


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