Chase Integration - Hosted Payment Form (HPF)

Did anyone in this community implement the Chase Payment Service, so can share some details about handling Chases's methods in Pega? The Chase delivers the API with I-frame (static section with static fields and methods to handle, only CSSs might be aligned), which requires:

1. The 1st REST method call to get the uid – transaction ID, with the request about 20 parameters.
2. The custom Java Script to handle Chase’s methods
3. The 2nd REST method call to get a confirmation about transaction

I'm mainly looking for reusable implementation of the custom code to handle Chase's methods, as the REST connectors are not an issue. I'm attaching the API document. I really appreciate a reply.

Thank you,

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June 24, 2019 - 1:32am

Hi Pawel,

Just saw this post and would like to understand if you want to do this completely at UI layer.
In case you would like to do it from server it would become tricky since you have to gather the parameter and send it over HTTP to the chase server.

In case you would like to do it from UI layer would you like to use Ajax for example  xhttp.open("GET", "ajax_info.txt", true);

Please let me know if you have already implemented this. It would be interesting to know your design.


June 28, 2019 - 12:51pm

Hi Ujjwal,

I did a complete implementation of the Chase HPF payment service in Pega, which works even in Pega Mashup. I am currently working on an article with "how to", which I will post on Pega Community soon. We did this implementation from the UI level, so the Chase UI is embedded into the Pega HTML section by URL. There is an on-load activity at the screen, which does the first REST call, to get the transaction ID, before the screen renders, and appends it to the CHASE's URL to render the screen section. The section is styled with our CSS, which is also passed to the CHASE with the first REST call, as the CSS file location parameter. We are handling the 3rd REST call, so a completion of the transaction and errors with PEGA JS API, so there is JS script attached to the harness to handle the CHASE callback call. I will keep you posted on the article.