Channel Integration


Can someone explain to me the steps involved in order to be able to have chat functionality in PEGA? Precisely, I am looking for example, if I have a portal/system what steps/architecture are there in the middle before a chat comes to PEGA and the CSR. I am thinking that if I have a self-service portal for the customers to use and they want to chat with the CSR, they will click on some gadget to start the process. Next, the request to chat will be sent to a chat server and the chat server will send a request to the CSR.

What I am trying to do is figure out how chat works because I have multiple external system for our consumers to do what they need to do. (i.e. some customers might use one system and other customers use another system so I need to how to integrate more than one system into PEGA) If the customer has a question, I want to use not PEGA Chat but another chat service - either Facebook, Genesys, or other third party chat service provider. Since I am trying to explore all the options, I want to understand clearly how the chat itself works and the components required for a customer to chat with the CSR.

Thank you!


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June 11, 2019 - 11:32am

Thank you Susan! This was very helpful to understand the PEGA Chat architecture. I am sure a few of my customers would like to use this. What about if I don't want to use PEGA Chat but an external chat system? Can the Chat server used in PEGA Chat also be used to connect the customer and CSR (i.e another chat provider such as Genysis instead of PEGA Chat) or do we need to have a separate chat server and connect both that server and the third party tool to my PEGA Application?

June 25, 2019 - 10:51am


Susan and/or anyone, can you provide an update on my question? Again, I am looking for both an ability to use PEGA chat and connect the chat server, customer, and CSR or use an external chat tool like Genesys and connect to chat server (either PEGA's or outside), customer, and CSR.