Can we use JDBC equivalent PreparedStatement in connect SQL for DB2 database.

The issue we are facing with Pega RDB-List is that we created a Connect-SQL with {ASIS:..} keyword to build a dynamic WHERE clause and executed the same query THOUSANDS of times by different threads with different value ( “PolicyNumber”) to fetch “Policy Details” from “External DB2 database”. As a result, the DB2 database receives thousands of SQLs and the SQLs are not closed. This causes performance issues. My questions are..

  1. Does Pega RDB-LIST .. {ASIS: keyword} use JDBC equivalent PreparedStatement ?
  2. When does JDBC connection in pega is released?
  3. Should we use a different connect-SQL to make use of JDBC PreparedStatement?

***Moderator Edit-Vidyaranjan: Updated SR details***

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