Can we Trigger a Jenkins pipeline when a product rule is created

We are currently able to initiate pipeline from Jenkins however I am more interested if I can configure Pega to initiate a build pipeline when a product rule is created. Is that an option?

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October 25, 2018 - 3:00pm

Hi Sriram,

Do you care to share a bit more of what you're trying to accomplish here? I think what you're trying to do is technically possible, but it seems kind of unconventional.

Are you hoping for Developers to create product rules which encapsulate a change request and its creation would automatically trigger a pipeline? Our deployment manager product provides a similar workflow using branches. If you have special requirements where you want to define your own pipeline you may also consider creating a simple case type which the developer provides a product rule and triggers a build.

If you want to design something just as you described I think you have two potential options:

  • Use the pyPostSave extension point in the Rule-Admin-Product class to trigger the pipeline.
  • Create a declare trigger in the Rule-Admin-Product class to trigger the pipeline.

Using both of these options you can define your own criteria around when a build should be triggered.