Can we access java class in DataSet present in Lib folder of server and not in pega data base

I imported a Jar file in Lib folder of my server and trying to use a java class present in the jar in DataSet rule in pega. I am getting error as "Class xxx can not be found in class path". However i am able to refer a java class I import the jar in pega data base.

Problem with me is Jar file size is very big and also need to use it for many dependent pega applications so want to avoid importing those jar files in Pega data base.

Can somebody help me in below questions :

1. Is my understanding correct that at compile time only those java classes can be used which is present in Pega Data base ?

2. Is there any alternate solution for this issue?

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November 21, 2019 - 7:45am

compiler classpath is different from that of runtime classpath, which can be specified in the System Settings>>Compiler where you can refer your jar in any file location you specified.