Can I use wild cards matching strings in DSS for Pega-Engine • prconfig/alerts/parameterpage/obfuscatekeywords/default

I need to mask sensitive data in our logs. The alert logs can be masked if you use

Dynamic System Settings:

obsfucatekeywords in Alerts

ID Pega-Engine • prconfig/alerts/parameterpage/obfuscatekeywords/default

and populates the value with properties not to be in the alert logs. For example:


My issue is that $PAppContactList$ppxResults$l1$pAccountNumber in my case also has $PAppContactList$ppxResults$l2$pAccountNumber and $PAppContactList$ppxResults$l3$pAccountNumber ...

$PAppContactList$ppxResults$l99$pAccountNumber and could have more.

Value is limited to 1000 char so I can not specify all 99 and that may not be enough. I need to know how to put a wild card in the string like

$PAppContactList$ppxResults$l??$pAccountNumber or



$pAccountNumber but so far not luck. Any suggestions?


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June 15, 2019 - 8:06pm

Still looking for a solution to this question.

July 3, 2019 - 4:30am

Hi Robert,

The following prconfig entry will do obfuscation of parameter values 

<env name="alerts/parameterpage/remoteFilterType" value="obfuscate" />.

You can specify the parameters to obfuscate in the alert logs using <env name="alerts/parameterpage/obfuscateKeywords" value="" />. The value should contain the parameter names separated by semi-colon.