can i check the facility is greater than 0 inside the pagelist(Facility)

Actually i want to check f when rule to facility is greater than 0 , but loop is in Account.Facility in the activity . i want to check the inside this loop, i used check inside this loop @SizeOfPropertyList(.facility)> that best way do this

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July 26, 2019 - 3:45pm


Sure, that should be fine. @SizeOfPropertyList(.facility) will return a count of the number of .facility() values in the array, so if there's a value in there at all, the number should be greater than 0. I'm not sure if I fully understood your comment, "but loop is in Account.Facility in the activity." Are you saying your current step page is in a Account.Facility() embedded page context? In that case .facility won't see the Facility array,  unless your structure is Account.Facility(pageIndex).facility(Index). If the Account.Facility() is the array you are trying to get the size of, you'll need to be more specific, but @SizeOfPropertyList(Account.Facility) should do the trick.