callVirusCheck Activity Implementation


We are trying to implement the callVirusCheck activity. Searching the PDN all I found was "Checking the extension of the file". In our requirements, we are required to allow executable files to be attached but they need to be scanned for malicious code first.

If anyone has ever implemented it can you please provide us with the approach? or an example of its implementation?

Thank you in advance.

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December 3, 2018 - 9:19am

I am not aware of a specific example available.  There is an enhancement request defined to provide a working example of this (FDBK-20857) that you can work with your Pega Account Executive on. They will be able to help you with finding out the status and will also be able to drive this further for you.

If others have performed this, hopefully they can respond here for you. 

December 3, 2019 - 10:09am


Doing research on this, I found what could be the solution. You would need to implement a solution similar to what is suggested in the link. 

You would need to install a third party virus scan software and call it using Java. Implement by rewriting the Activity with this new logic.

I think this apply if not working with Cloud. Cloud might scan for viruses. You would need to ask that question to them.