Call an external application and get some data using selenium JAVA library and executable files.

Hi Team,

There is a business requirements:-

We have few legacy applications which are not having any API exposed to provide the data. So we need to open the applications manually and get the required data eq. a date and use it in PEGA application.

Business is looking for some kind of solution that can automate this process and we can open the application and get the data automatically without any human intervention.

One approach I think of is use executable selenium JARS and run them using batch file via JAVA function in acitivity. Will it work and what would be the steps?

Any other approach is also welcome.

P.S.:- We do not have RPA so we can not use that here.


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December 21, 2018 - 1:21am

Hi Team,

Could anyone please help here?


December 24, 2018 - 4:17am

Hi Sandeep,

Instead of using such customization please consider creating a simple rest/soap web service that can be build outside pega. The webservice application can use the selenium Jars to get the required data.

Later consume the rest/soap service from pega.

Approach 2 :- In case you are adamant and want to include selenium jars in pega, you can keep the jars in DSS(compile path) you can search for the exact DSS name on PDN  and use it.

But first approach is modular in nature and could be preferred.