Bulk Operator Load

I need help in creating a process to create multiple operators in 7.2.2.

I have tried these below approaches.

Bulk Operator Load (for Process Commander) Tool - (This approach is very old to be compatible with 7.2.x version)

Configuring and following the following link by creating a binary file, using MSOFileTransferButtons control, DownloadBulkOperators and CreateBulkOperators activities. the (Since the above approach has limitations from 7.1.9)

Any help is much appreciated.


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January 9, 2019 - 5:42am


What error you are facing while using these utilities? 

March 13, 2019 - 4:55pm

There are two approaches for Loading bulk operators


a) Add all the operators in the excel file and prepare the template for that.

b)In UI use the pyFileName property with file path UI control to browse the file

set the file path in property-Set 


-->create bulk upload Activity to process each record


 Call MSOParseExcelFile and pass the above params

c) Loop through each record and set the values as params and call XXXX Activity to 

open (obj-open) the  model operator and page copy to the new operator page and save and commit the page for each record. 


March 14, 2019 - 1:40pm
Response to NareshRP

Approach 2: 

a)Create utility on Data-Admin-Operator-ID class

b)Create TextFile webwb. Ex: webwb.WorkInprogress.txt (Place the operators after format with some notations Ex:OperID#FirstName$LastName%LastName, FirstName&*ReportToManagerID|OperID#FirstName$LastName%LastName, FirstName&*ReportToManagerID| )

c)In Utility: create new page (ex:pgFile) with 'Rule-File-Text'  and obj-open and set the porperynames (Ex: .pyfileName-->"WorkInProgress"; .pyApplicationName-->"webwb"; .pyFileType-->"txt"

d)Put the jave code in java step,

ClipboardPage textFile = tools.findPage("pgFile", false);
//String works = tools.getParamValue("works");
String works = textFile.getString("pyFileSource");
String[] workList = works.split("\\|");

ClipboardPage cbp = tools.findPage("OPList", false);
ClipboardProperty listProp = cbp.getProperty("pxAllChangeList");

for(int i = 0; i < workList.length; i++)


e) Loop on OPList with for each element in value list with value list property ".pxAllChangeList"

 get the text file each property and set to params

Open the model operator by obj-open-by-handle and copy to tempOperator page and set the .pyUserIdentifier,.pyUserName etc and then save commit.