BIX: End tag is missing, while running extracts through scheduling Agents (Intermittent Issue)

Please let me know, if there exists any resolution for END TAG missing scenario, in the xml file generated while running extracts through scheduling Agents.

Raised SR for the same to Pega Systems, for which they've asked us to share logs of multiple failed scenarios, which we are not able to share. Finally they closed the SR.

Kindly provide any idea as early as possible.

Surya Y V


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November 18, 2019 - 6:13am


Generally, BIX extracts the records one by one and  it adds the closing XML tags after 100% completion and finishes the process. When there is any issue with a particular record and BIX fails to extract that record, by default BIX aborts the extraction by throwing an exception which is not being caught. Hence, the closing XML tags are not being added. In this case also, you may have some records for which you can see some exceptions in BIX logs. 

Thank you,

November 18, 2019 - 7:03am
Response to goela1

Thanks @goela1, Verified failed scenario logs, most of the error messages stating that, connection reset or oracle 17002 error or column size mismatch.

Please let me know how can we fix these issues from Pega End (also it is intermittent) . .?


Surya Y V