Best Practice to migrate Knowledge articles between environments

What is the best approach to migrate Knowledge articles from one environment to another (Ex. From Stage to Production) ? - This will be helpful when its a new application and you have spent some time in loading some articles in to Stage for testing, and you want to directly move them to production instead of uploading all over again in Production.

From my research, the only import option available is to upload csv files. But there are 2 problems here this

1)Will this Import/export option also include the attachments/images/tags associated with the article

2)Another downside is about maintenance. Tomorrow if someone in Production directly adds few articles and if we try to migrate some article from Stage, then there might be problem if both the Knowledge articles ID's match.

Considering the above, it looks like we need upload articles in each environment separately and there is no option to easily import/export them like how we do with rules. Does anyone have any better approach for this ?


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August 15, 2019 - 11:43am

Pega Knowledge was designed to create and maintain content in a Production environment, so generally, moving articles from one env to another is not required or considered a best practice.  However, there are certainly scenarios, such as during the initial implementation phase of Pega Knowledge, where articles need to be created in staging (for example), and migrated to the Production environment so they do not have to be recreated.  

The Pega Community article below (see link) explains what to include in taking a RAP to move articles (and tags, linked categories, etc.) from one env to another: