automating SMA configurations

Hello Everyone,

we are planning to set up multiple cloud instances for our uses.(PEGA 7.2.2)

As of now DB dumps would be gerenated from the existing envs and a new env would be created using the standard ENV-Refresh method.

however with the deployments of the wars and ear we do understand that the SMA setups has to be done manually.

Do we have any possibility to automate the manual task of setting the nodes on SMA?




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April 13, 2019 - 8:09am

Is this Pegacloud env or your own on-prem envs? It appears to be the latter as Pegacloud env would be managed by Pegacloud team. Can you elaborate more details what exactly you are trying to do here?

April 29, 2019 - 5:54am
Response to KevinZheng_GCS

Hi Kevin,

Yes, you are right its a cloud based(AWS) instance.

Steps we followed:-

Pega Installation steps followed

Took Dump from our prem-env and imported it in the cloud for data.

setup done manually.

- No Problems-

Concerns:- we are still trying to create more instances on cloud for our project and would like to understand from you and the community if there is a way to automate it?

Question:- is there any way to automate the SMA Setup,like node creation ?

Thank you in advance for your feedback.