Automatically populate fields after search

Hi -

I am trying to automatically populate fields on a form after a search. For instance, I have a table that stores ssn, first name, last name. On my section I am clicking the search button to search on ssn and it brings me back the first/last name in report definition table. I would like that when I search on ssn it will automatically populate the first and last name on the form rather than bringing it back in grid format on table. So if I search ssn = 111-11-1111, the form should automatically populate with the first and last name that exists for the ssn number. How can I accomplish this?



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November 18, 2019 - 11:41am


Below steps would helps:

1. Create a data page with SSN as parameter and Report definition as Source

2. On Click of button, call a data transform which references the parameterized data page created in Step 1. This will get the First name and Last name using the SSN sent as parameter.

Also Refresh the section as second action set.

3.  Use the data page as Source for the properties in the form.

Hope this helps.