Automated UI Scenario Testing - System date question


We leverage Automated UI testing feature capability introduced in Pega Infinity. We can create scenario tests and run these. Our application depends on some calculations depends on the current system date. So when we record the test case, it passes correctly. But for example when we run the same test case one month later, test case fails as calculated values are not the same with recorded values as they depend on the current system date.

As this may be a common impediment for scenario testing for different applications relying on the system date, is there a solution or guideline that how we can overcome this issue and run the Scenario test without failing when date is changed?

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February 14, 2019 - 1:01pm

Currently  there is not out of the box way of simulating time. However if you can describe the setup of what you are trying to test in more detail we might be able to provide some ideas on how to effectively "simulate" the time.

The key aspect to testing anything that has a dependency on system time is to generally decouple or abstract the reference to time value in such a way that when testing, a simulated time can be supplied that is fully controllable.  With some rule types in the system this is not easily doable, such as the SLA rule, but if there are ways, then we might be able to figure something out.