Autocomplete and free format input

Pega 7.3.1 (full)

I'm using an autocomplete control in a section. Input is required. In the presentation tab I've disabled 'Allow Free format input'. Result values for the control are the names of operators (retrieved by 'D_pzOperatorsByApplication'), e.g. 'Test User 01', 'Test User 02', etc.

When I enter 'Test' as input, do not select any of the values found and submit the input as is, the input is saved and submitted. I was expecting for an (edit) validate to be triggered.

I think this is a bug. Am I correct? And if so, is there a fix for this issue? (and yes, I know, as a workaround I can explicitly validate the input entered).

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August 22, 2018 - 1:10pm
Response to Raveendra

It sure does. Thank you!

August 23, 2018 - 4:20am


You can write a when rule IsInPageList to check if the input is avilible in the list or not.

If it is not available then fire validation.

August 22, 2019 - 4:13pm

Saw this SR that explains this situation. Posting here in case others come looking for a resolution to why this doesn't function how you'd think.