ASO Manager - logging in before webpage loaded completely

I'm trying to automate login process for a web application using ASO manager.

When the login page created, ASO manger is filling user id and password (its also trying to click on Login button, which i can see from the logs). Also AutoFillOnCreate option is set to true.

I believe its trying to click the login button before the webpage loaded completely, so the website is not logging in. Instead its staying on login page with user id and password textboxes filled with credentials and waiting there.

Is there any configuration, where i can inject a delay for ASO manager to wait for few secs before entering the credentials?


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October 18, 2019 - 5:07pm

There is not a way to change the behavior much using the ASO Manager. You will likely need to write an automation to handle your particular website rather than relying on the ASO Manager. You can still use the user and password along with AutoFillOnCreate if you delete the definition for LoginControl and leave it blank. Your automation trigger off of whatever event or timer you want after the page gets created to click the login button.