"ANALYZE ANY DICTIONARY" grants to deployment and admin users


I am trying to install Pega 8.1 in Oracle 11g DB and using tomcat as my application server.I have a query regarding the grants of deployment user and admin user (in dual-user configuration).

Is it mandatory to give the grant "ANALYZE ANY DICTIONARY"?

I understand (from previous posts in the community) that a deployment user should have DBA privileges for a successful installation. But with out giving the above said grants, my installation was successful.

Could anyone please let me know if anything is going to fail during development in future if the above said grants are not given to a deployment user or an admin user.


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December 19, 2018 - 2:53pm

For upgrades you will need SELECT_CATALOG_ROLE for the deployment user.  Installs just generate ddl based upon what is needed and don't need to look at the current metadata of the objects in your rules and data schemas to generate the needed DDL.  Similarly during development when trying to do things like imports of RAPs that involve schema changes if the user does not have this privilege to be able to look at the metadata of the rules and data schema objects you will run into issues.