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We are using 7.3.0 version and we have a requirement to show the list of operator based on access group. Let's say i have 4 Access group in my Operator id AG1, AG2, AG3 ,AG4 and my operator id is pointing to AG1. So If AG1 user will see the dropdown they should be able to see my Operator ID in dropdown and if AG2 user will see the dropdown , my Opearator ID should be present as part of Dropdown values there as well.

I tried to hardcode the values in Filter criteria of Report definition for testing purpose like

.pyAccessGroupsAdditional(2) = 'AG2'

but it is throwing Performance errors as .pyAccessGroupsAdditional is not exposed property in operator table.

I also thought to create the Declare Index rule but since pyAccessGroupsAdditional is value list property its not allowing me to create the Declare Index on it.

looking for suggestions to achieve this requirement.

Thanks in advance.

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June 21, 2019 - 12:35am


You can create a DataPage in Data-Admin-Operator-ID and source it with a Report-Definition. Create this Data page with a parameter as AccessGroup so that using this access group is used to fetch the operators ID list. You can check the existing Data Page "D_pxGetOperatorsByEmailAddress" for configurations.

Use this Data page as a source for the Dropdown and pass the Access Group as a parameter.


June 21, 2019 - 1:00am


Have a look at pega table "pr_index_operators". If I understand correctly , you can make use of this to satisfy your requirement.

This table has "pyAccessGroupsAdditional" exposed.