Adding new customers to existing Control Group

Hi guys,

We are using Pega Marketing 8.1 on PegaCloud.

We have a requirement to implement control groups (PHOG - Perpetual Hold Out Group):

  • We should automatically assign a % of customers to the control group.
  • We also require writing to IH the eligible offers regardless of whether the customer belongs to the control group or not (therefore we are ruling out Exclusion Lists).

We don't have any issues implementing the above requirements using Pega Marketing's OOTB Control Group functionality.

However, we have an additional requirement where:

  • We need to keep adding the same % of new customers (we get new customers daily) to the existing PHOG control group, but keeping the already existing control group customers (so refreshing the segment is not an option).

So, I guess the question is: How can we add new customers (following the same % as previously defined) to the existing control group?

For example:

Day 1: We have 1,000 customers. 10% of those are selected by the PHOG segment, therefore 100 customers are in our control group.

Day 2: We have 1,050 customers (50 new customers). 10% of the new 50 customers must be added to the control group: 100 + 5 = 105

Thank you very much!



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September 24, 2019 - 4:57am

Hi Team,

I don't think we have another option apart from the segment refresh only a quick thing you can use auto-refresh from every 24 hours or if you are using the campaign you can use refresh the segment before run so that we can have updated results.




September 25, 2019 - 8:36am
Response to prasanthkumar

Hi Prasanth, thank you for the reply.

In our scenario refreshing the segment is not an option because we require the customers to remain in the control group once originally assigned.

But we are thinking about another possible alternative. Instead of defining the customer membership to a control group upfront via a segment... is there any OOTB function or activity we can call (from a Strategy rule) to assign a given customer to a control group (this function or activity would have to do the appropriate modifications in IH to set the customer to the control group). 

If this does not exist, do you see an issue with us developing our custom code to do so?

Thank you!