Adding Attachments to addCase() in Pega Robotics

Hi All, I have a requirement to create case from robotics in Pega BPM and i need to attach the attachments to that case. addCase() doesnot contain the capability to add attachments when case is created in Pega BPM. can you please help me, how can achieve this functionality. Thank you! Regards, Madhu Balineni.

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September 30, 2019 - 5:54am

Hi Madhu,

It is not possible to directly send the excel workbook attachment in your case result. The one option you can use in your solution is to have the pega application startup in a web browser, interrogate the upload fields control and automate the attachment of the excel file. 

September 30, 2019 - 5:54am

Hi Madhu,

Also You could create a REST Service in Pega PRPC to fetch and attach the excel file from Pega RPA.


October 3, 2019 - 12:32am
Response to ramau

Hi Ramau,

can you please elaborate the solution, how to interrogate while im getting not only excel, i will get different types of documents.

Thank you!!