Activities Logs


My vendor has developed some Java activities in our Pega Environment, and I saw that there is quite an extensive used of oLog.infoForced.

I can only see the messages are output into catalina.out. Some examples:

2018-11-29 08:09:46,961 [ PegaRULES-Batch-3] [ STANDARD] [ ] [ PegaRULES:07.10] (Java1.Rule_Obj_Activity.Action) INFO - shell channel connected....
2018-11-29 08:09:46,963 [ PegaRULES-Batch-3] [ STANDARD] [ ] [ PegaRULES:07.10] (Java1.Rule_Obj_Activity.Action) INFO - Changed the directory...

How can I output these activities logs into separate files on their own? Instead of all dumping to catalina.out?

Any advises will be much appreciated.



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December 9, 2018 - 10:30am


you can customize the logging information in prlogging.xml  prior to 7.3.1, after this in prlog4j2.xml file.

Are you asking regarding the , sending only activity logs to separate file?