Actions configuration on Mobile push notification message

HI All, Could you please help us on the below use case.

When the user taps on the "OK" of the mobile push notification message, we want to launch the harness.

We need a flexibility to hide the "Cancel" button and always have a "OK", on tapping of it should launch the harness.

And also we want what all configurations(using customfields param) we can do on a tap of "OK" of the push notification message.

Example: Right now we are able to open an assignment using customfields("OPEN ASSIGNMENT") on tap of "Open" and it is working as expected. In the similar lines we want to launch harness on tap of "OK"/"OPEN".

Please let us know if anyone configured custom actions on mobile push notification message.

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August 13, 2019 - 3:29am

Action buttons in notification views can be customized but it requires a little bit of custom JS code on the application level. Custom notification category needs to be created and registered from JS running on the client. Then server can start sending notifications with custom category identifier in message payload. For more details refer to the API documentation