Action set to a button to go to a specific step in Review Harness


I have a requirement for a user to click a button in the review harness and go to a specific step in a stage.

So far, I have used pxChangeStage to route the user to the stage. But I am unable to route the user to the step.

I also used an approach by using a local action to launch a modal window. It doesn't work in review harness.

Is there a way to achieve this requirement without modifying the case flow?



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November 1, 2019 - 4:13am

There IS a way, but not the best way. You can use Local Action (with Replace current option) as an event on the button.

But I'd suggest you rather to change the flow. It's more aligned with Pega way

November 1, 2019 - 5:42am


I followed the following steps and I was able to achieve the requirement.

  1. Add a Separate  Dynamic Layout and insert a button control.
  2. Add an On click local action to open a modal dialog.
  3. Created a new local action to be called along with the required section to display.

After these steps, the modal dialog displays the section I want to modify in the Review Harness.

However, the attempts to achieve this by adding a column to the Hierarchical Table in the section were not successful.

Which is why I had to add a separate dynamic layout.

Thanks for the insights.