Access control policy condition on pagelist property

Hi All,

I would like to apply ABAC on the case based on the Property value which is resided in a nested pagelist.

For example, below is my workpage structure, i need to check the city value and decide to access the case or not.


Consider, the pagelist properties are indexed. Please let me know if applying policy condition is possible or any alternate approach to proceed.




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September 27, 2019 - 1:34am

Hi Mohan,

You should to set the Dynamic System Setting EnableAttributeBasedSecurity  to true to enable.

For your requirement, you can create  a declare expression to set the value on the original Data Page's top level property (comma separated values of the each page list entry) and use that property in the RHS of the Access control policy condition. Other approach is to create a new Data Page that programmatically iterates over the original Data Page and sets the value on the new Data Page's top level property. Then you can use the new Data Page in the Access Control Policy Condition. Values should be comma separated in either cases. (Ex: "Value1,Value2,Value3")

September 27, 2019 - 4:14am

Hi Raman,

I need to verify if the value of the "city" in any one of the pagelist with the RHS side  of Access Policy Condition.If does not matched access to the specific WorkObject is restricted. 

So LHS side will consist of only one value which is fetched from the embedded pagelist and get compared with RHS of the condition. Problem is to make the embedded pagelist property visible in Access policy Condition at LHS side.

Also, We cannot optimise the property of the Data class page used in the pagelist , as it belongs to Abstract class.

Currently we are planning to use Elastic search to display search results, If ABAC works , we can remove /minimise the complexity of Custom Report definition used.

October 17, 2019 - 1:35am

Hi all,

Has anyone got any resolution on this as it seems does not work with EMbedded property like pagelist. Although no compilation error happens when Pagelist property is referred.