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Hello All,

Someone please let me how the new admin studio works compared to traditional SMA.

It seems the scope of agents which we schedule woks based on node type rather than node from v8.x. For exam how can we configure on any one node only instead of node type.

Please do confirm PegaHA is no more required for v8.x and above or it has been implemented/merged already.



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October 16, 2019 - 11:00pm


To understand more about admin studio you can refer the help article:

Most of the SMA features has been moved to Admin studio and API(which can also be accessed from Admin studio)

Apart from this Node Classification(Node Type) has become the integral part.

To run agent on a node, previously also you would be providing node Associated with Node Types.

Now in 8.x also the option remains same

You can refer the doc:

To run agent for your exam purpose, configure the agent and make sure you assign the node, suppose you are on webnode, so you can run agent on webnode as well.

Thank You