Using Skill Level and with Assign-.pxSkillsDesired and with Assign-.pxSkillsRequired

We currently use Get Most Urgent button in Pega to route by transaction type and state.  Recently, the transaction types are getting more complex

so we have to classify or mark the work item as "Complex".  Since there are some people who are trained in transactions but not "complex" situations, the users route back to their managers in order to route to the skilled user who handles complex transactions.

We are trying to understand the skill level (1-10) and how to use / assign work by the pxSkillsDesired and pxSkillsRequired.  This is not documented well in the help section of PDN and hope someone can give an example of how to use these out of the box fields.


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September 4, 2015 - 11:47am

Is this accomplished?

Please post the approach followed.

September 4, 2015 - 2:00pm

please find below steps to route an assignment to Skilled operator.


·        Create a Skill rule (Rule-Admin-Skill)

·        Specify range from Low to High [high score represents the highest level of proficiency with the skill].

·        On the assignment properties

o   specify type - WorkList

§  routing - ToSkilledGroup [selection of operator in a workgroup is random, and takes required skills into account]

§  routing - ToLeveledGroup [selection of operator in a workGroup is prioritized by load and skills]

§  specify a workGroup to pick an operator

§  The input value for either workGroup or Operator should be specified in quotes, when used in routing

§  Operator specified may have any number of skills with an appropriate rating defined.

§  specify the skill, level and mark as required

§  If the operator has a rating that is equal to or above the level required by the assignment, that operator can be chosen by the router

§  If a skill is not set to required the requirement won't be satisfied.

o        Define & configure a service level rule to Notify skip level workparty on passed dead line time.


also, by default the API "Toleveledgroup" looks for the operator who has least work else assign it to their manager.

September 4, 2015 - 2:01pm


September 4, 2015 - 3:46pm

Thanks sahup1

February 29, 2016 - 5:47am

Thank you sahup1

April 10, 2016 - 11:01am

ToSkilledGroup and ToLeveledGroup route/push work to an Operator.

If wanting Operators to use Get Most Urgent (GetNextWork) and use "pull" you need to use ToSkilledWorkbasket.