Upload excel file and read it without creating a work object in 7.1.8, MSOFileTransferButtons control doesn't work in 7.1.8

Did anyone get a solution here? MSOFileTransferButtons doesn't work for me either.  After file upload I am getting a screen which shows activity execution success message. Although I am able to see the data on clipboard, but I am loosing the control of my perform harness and a different screen appears ( activity execution success message).

I tried using FilePath control but it doesn't set the ServiceExport path on the clipboard hence the OOTB MSOParseExcelFile throws error.

Any suggestions are most welcome.

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May 31, 2016 - 4:50am

Hi Kunal,

MSOFileTransferButtons control is a non auto generated control, which was used in Pega 6 versions. In pega7 using of non auto generated controls is not suggested.

Instead you can use FilePath control and normal Button for uploading the file(Configure the button actions to call UploadExcel activity).

MSOFileTransferButton is an Internal Final rules and developer are not adviced to use the same.

Perform the following steps:

1. Create a sepeate control as filePath.

2. Create a button and in the action set set action as referesh section and parse the custom Upload Excel actiivty there.

3. Open the Activity and perform the following changes to call the value passed from filepath control.

Add the first Step:

JAVA Step begin:

ClipboardPage cpThread = tools.getThread().getThreadPage();

ClipboardPage cpRequestor = tools.getRequestor().getRequestorPage();

ClipboardPage cpProcess = tools.findPage("pxProcess");

filePath= cpProcess.getString("pxServiceExportPath");

String currentFile= tools.getParamValue("hiddenFilePath");

int indexOfSeparator = currentFile.lastIndexOf("\\");

if(indexOfSeparator > 0){           

                currentFile=currentFile.substring(indexOfSeparator +1);



                indexOfSeparator = currentFile.lastIndexOf("/");

                currentFile=currentFile.substring(indexOfSeparator +1);



JAVA Step End.

In the Parameter Page add the Parameter and local variable Name as "filePath" datatype as string.

Change the call for MSOParseExcel as below screen shot.


Please check the clipboard for the value in pxRequestor page when running this button.