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Is it possible to update the ststus of a work object after it has been set to "Resolved-Completed"?

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August 15, 2012 - 12:36pm

Yes... Use OOTB UpdateStatus activity

August 16, 2012 - 4:34am

Thanks for your suggestion.

I have run this activity from the clipboard (Action > Execute Activity), however this does not seem to write back - when I re-open the work object, the sttsu is still set as "Resolved-Completed".

Is there another way to run this activity?

August 16, 2012 - 7:48am


clipboard is used as debugging tool, so you can edit or change there to get the desired output, but those changes are not really made in the work object.

August 16, 2012 - 10:16am

When you run an acativity through Clipboard then you need to have a lock on the workObject.

Since, Your workObject is resolved and thus no Assignment exists; you cannot get a lock on it.

1. Get a Lock
2. run the activity
3. Save your page or complete the assignment

October 23, 2015 - 11:37am

Be sure to do an Obj-Save after calling the UpdateStatus activity.

October 27, 2015 - 9:12pm

Hi Jon,

Follow these steps


1. Obj-Open the work object using class and pyID on to a Page. For example, UpdateWOStatusPage (Make sure to lock and release on commit checked)

2. Call UpdateStatus (Use your status as parameter) Step Page: UpdateWOStatusPage

3. Obj-Save with write-now box checked. Step Page: UpdateWOStatusPage

4. Commit (only if Write-Now in step 3 isn't checked). Step Page: UpdateWOStatusPage


Abhijith Kolanakuduru
Pega Certified Lead System Architect



October 28, 2015 - 9:16am

Hi , jongeary 

If your requirement is again start a flow on that resolved work object use OOTB acitivity reopenWorkObject.