Ticket Not Routing to required SubFlow


I am trying to make a ticket route correctly from a reject process and route back to the relevant flow to allow changes to be made.
I am using a utility shape and the SetTicket Rule, the Ticket has been created and added to the sub flow that it needs to go on and the naming in consistent to the utility shape, ticket name and flow.

In tracing, it is setting the ticket, and name, but not routing to where it should, it just carry's on back to the previous flow, and undertakes the next task (which is a resolved-completed).

The really confusing aspect is that in the initial reject flow there is another utility, with a SetTicket, that goes to a different sub flow, and this works OK.

The only difference is that this sub flow, where the ticket shape is, is on the flow when the previous one completes, whereas the one that is not working, it 2 further sub flows down. I tried attaching a ticket shape to each of the flows to get to the assignment that I want to, but this did not help.

If anyone could let me know what I am missing I would be grateful

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February 24, 2010 - 11:03am

Setting a ticket only allows a jump to an existing flow on the work object. You can't jump back to a subflow you've completed using a ticket. Why aren't you using a connector?

February 24, 2010 - 11:58am

It is still the same work object, it is just with the number of things undertaken, we have split these down.
The hierarchy is:
- New Static data
Within this, Static Data and Create Static data
Static Data has a couple of assignments and AddStaticdataDetails. Add StaticdataDetails has separate flows for each element of static, and it is here I want to route back to.

The create static data is where the Reject flow is in, where the tickets are set in the utility.

Going from the Reject in Create Static data to the AddStaticDataDetail, is this classed as going back to a subflow?.

If I was to use a connector, and add in the AddBankAccounts at this stage, would I then set a Ticket at that level so it went back to the CreateStaticData to allow the relevant approvals, rather than then have to call this flow again?


November 19, 2012 - 5:12am

I do not understand Marik's reply. What is need of ticket, if it can be only used in the same flow. If I understand it correct, the question here is how to route to another specific step in a flow based on some action in flow.  Any inputs is highly appreciated.