Submitting the parent window (screen flow) to move to the next screen


I have a scenario where I launch a URL in a new window. On submitting the new window launched, I am trying to submit the parent window ( which is a screen flow) so that it goes to the next screen.

I am trying to achieve it through the following -


The above line of code works for a process flow. On analysis I found that the form tag for the process flow and screen flow are different -

Process flow:




I checked the button code of continue for the screen flow which is as follows -

<button title="Go to the next screen" class="pzhc" type="button" data-click="[["setUserStart",["FINISHASSIGNMENT"]],["doFormSubmit",["pyActivity=FinishAssignment",":this","Submitting...",":event"]]]" data-ctl="">

Do I need to include something like the above line of code for me to submit my parent window (from the new window) to go to the next screen?

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January 14, 2016 - 4:56pm


A few questions to help provide some context for this post:

  • What version of Pega are you using?
  • How are you launching the URL in a new window?
  • Where/how are you using window.opener.document.actionForm.submit();
  • Are you trying to develop a custom control?