Small Work Area after Portal Customization using Containers in Harness

1. While using Screen Layouts in harness, can the header and footer be made scrollable?


2. I have created a portal SamplePortal. It has a harness SampleHarness. I have 3 containers inside the harness, one for header, one for footer and one for the body(center). Inside the body container I have a tabbed layout group. One tab is my Dashboard, other is my dynamic container for new work objects. On creating a workitem, the work area is displayed very little(Height is fixed to 150 px by default). I am unable to view the full screen. Any solu​tion for this? 

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June 8, 2015 - 11:06am

the header of the screen layout is positioned absolute with an height specified in the rule portal-skin. usually header is expected to be used for icons or menus and scrolling is not enabled - you can change that by adding an override CSS but attaching a CSS file to your skin with the following syntax:


.screen-layout-region-header {

overflow-y: scroll;



as far as your second question is concerned, it looks like you are not using a dynamic container - The DC will make sure that your content stretch to the full visible height. I would recommend that you start from one of the out of the box portal like pyCaseWorker or pyCaseManager7 and then tweak it to fit your needs.