Rules not seen in rule reports

I have several ruleset versions that I am not able to see in the View/Rules reports.

I have ruleset versions 01-01-01 through 01-01-09. I created each version by doing a SaveAs from the previous version. Each version contains at least a few rules.

Yet when I look at the View/Rules/Find by Ruleset,Version, RuleType report, I do not see any evidence of versions 07, 08 or 09; the report ends after version 06.

All the rules are checked in. My Rule-Application rule references only the major and minor versions: 01-01. I have examined the database records in table PR4_Rule relating to the ruleset version definitions, and cannot see anything different about the last 3 versions.

Any ideas why these versions are not visible in the reports?

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March 20, 2013 - 1:43pm

While creating ruleset versions did you locked the Ruleset versions 07,08 or 09?