Rule comparison Utility

There are some features required in most of the development projects time and again. These features were identified and have been developed in a generic way so that it can be used as Utility whenever required. Like finding specific rules that we have changed, Rules have been modified, and when , Compare Rules, etc.
It saves a lot of time for developer as he does not need to write specific code, he can just refer to this generic code and he can use this feature(utilities) with the proper User Interface.

One of the utility Compares Acitivity Rule Utility, which shows difference between two Activity rules of same name created in a given set of RuleSet versions or between to different RuleSet versions.

This utility gives option of selecting From RuleSet Version from the Drop down, Select Activity want to compare from Drop down (Filtered list of Activities belongs to above RuleSet Version) and Option of selecting Compare With RuleSet Version from the Drop down

The task has been developed as generic and the developer can just run the activity and On submit all the steps of the activity in both the version Steps are displayed in two columns under each RuleSet version
On right hand side the steps in the
Blue signifies that they are same in both versions.
Red signifies that the step name is change and
Green signifies that a new step has been added to the activity

and On click to any step link will show the detail of particular step.

I having issue in comparing the content of the steps like Java method and show the difference.

Any pointers on this will really help me.

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July 24, 2009 - 3:11pm

Is there such a CompareActivityRule utility?
It would be very helpful for the Pega dev env if this existed (rather than having to diff the generated java and/or xml code)

July 26, 2009 - 12:56pm

I do not think we have this utility in current version 5.5 too. If we have this comparing utility, it will be really helpful. Most of the times we spend lot of time on comparing rules. Need to expand each step and verify it. It is hard to compare the java code / XML also since every time pega generates with different class name & method steps. As per best practice, developer needs to enter commends on each checkin. But due to high speed development, no one enters full details.

Most of the developer writes commends like 'WIP', 'Testing'. So it never helped to see the changes done by developer.

PEGA architecture team should consider this and developing comparison utility will help developers.