Remove Duplicate values in Pagelist using same pagelist

I am fetching the values from internal data table.

I have a page list A.pxResults(100) which contains 100 embedded pages, in each embedded page has 10 properties with values

Now I need to  remove duplicates by comparing with all the 10 properties (AND condition applies for all these 10 properties) and these 10 property values are from the page list only...

Like first take A.pxResults(1) page and check in the complete page list of A... there after A.pxResults(2) and check inthe complete page list of A and if found any duplicate then delete it.

I gues I cannot use the functions IsInPagelist or RemoveDuplicatesFromList as i need to compare all the values of page list with the same pagelist and all the property values in the page should be same when compared before deleting.  

Please let me know the best apporach.




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July 16, 2015 - 1:54am

Hi Vinay

I assume your requirement as 

A.pxResults(1) has .Prop1 (Value ABC) .Prop2(Value XYZ) .Prop3(Value DEF)

A.pxResults(2) has .Prop1 (Value 123) .Prop2(Value XYZ) .Prop3(Value DEF)

A.pxResults(3) has .Prop1 (Value ABC) .Prop2(Value XYZ) .Prop3(Value DEF)


In this scenario, pxResults(1) and pxResults(3) are considered duplicates and not pxResults(2). If yes, you can try following approach:

Create another property Prop4 and set the value of concatenated from PROP 1 ,2 and 3 with any delimiter

Write a RD on PROP4 and select "Remove Duplicates". From that list, read the values based on delimiter into your page list.


Not sure if there is better approach, stage is open for other to comment