Reading from pxResults

I want to read a property value from pxResults and compare it with the UI field field that the user entered and

accordingly do the validation.But i am facing problem with this.

Following is the steps of the activity that i am using for reading the value:
Local.password = Loginpage.pxResults.pxResults(1).Password

In page And Classes tab,
LoginPage.pxResults = LeaveApplicationMgmt-Data-LoginInfo
LoginPage = Code-Pega-List

On saving ,i am getting the below error:
PropertiesValue: Property @baseclass.Password is undefined.
Invalid expression or reference: List/group property reference pxResults is missing a valid subscript value and cannot

reference an embedded property.
PropertiesValue: Property @baseclass.Password is undefined.
So could you please point out the problem in the syntax?

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March 27, 2014 - 3:37pm


There is not much errors in the syntax, ecxept additional pxResut.

here it goes, XXXX =  Loginpage.pxResults(1).Password