Qualifying the "Call contains an optional key part AppliesTo..." warnings

The warning "Call contains an optional key part AppliesTo..." is helpful for prevening bad coding. It just needs to be qualified in more use cases. (Maybe this has been addressed since v6.2?)

One circumstance I had pointed out in 2010 -- when you need to make a "static" call. This should not even pass the current step page; that might even help avoid coding errors.

Another situation is where you need to make a call to a super-class activity -- in that case, the warning.

Maybe there should be ("StaticCall", "SuperCall") which would bypass the warnings.

Of course, it's possible to simply justify these warnings as a response. But the best approach is to avoid the warnings by recognizing the situations where they are unnecessary.

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November 30, 2013 - 6:49am

Like to agree with Jon.

I use V6.2 sp1 and i could still see this warning message "Call contains an optional key part AppliesTo"

Pega recomments reusability but also gives warnings for doing the same :-)