Pega v7 agents - appeared to be delayed until accessing through SMA

We have 2 nodes up for a v7 dev environment.

I noticed that SystemPulse wasn't updating the rules on one of the servers. Was SystemPulse running, I wondered?

We hadn't set up SMA for that node, so I added it to the SMA. 

  • The first time I clicked the node, it said there were no mBeans.
  • The second time I clicked, it brought up the SMA dashboard, but did not list any agents.
  • The third time I clicked it, it listed the agents… and it appeared that they all started… when I clicked it (!)

(this reminded me of the problem with the timing of legacy 24-hour agents that I had posted of in November.)

This could be something with the configuration on our end (which I didn't do, so I shall check), but I wanted people to keep an eye out for this.

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March 18, 2016 - 6:25am

hi all,

I Want to know how to run an agent in Pega version 7 onwards, its abit urgent please