Pega Multitenancy : Tenants unable to access 'shared' data instances


We have a Multitenant Pega 7.1.9 installation. Using multitenant administrator we have created a data type and created some records, the records are marked as 'shared' in pzTenantID column in database table.

Now when we log in using a tenant user we should be able to see the records which are specific to current tenant (pzTenantID = <current tenant id>) also the records which were created by Multitenant admin (pzTenantID = 'shared'), But we are able to see only records which are created from current tenants and records created from multitenant admin are NOT VISIBLE.

Is this an expected behavior? This means if the multitenant admin creates a data type and inserts records which are needed for the SaaS application to work, now if he creates a new tenant in the system, then he has to insert the records again from the tenant context to make sure that the SaaS application works properly from the tenant!!



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