Pages and Classes validation

Continuing the work I started here, I'm building an XML stream which references Clipboard page pxRequestor.pxSecuritySnapshot.pxAvailableApps().

I am able to list pxRequestor and pxRequestor.pxSecuritySnapshot in the P & C tab. So then I list pxRequestor.pxSecuritySnapshot.pxAvailableApps (with or without the parentheses) and associate to Embed-AppSnapshot. I get the errors:

[code]Page pxRequestor.pxSecuritySnapshot.pxAvailableApps has invalid class Embed-AppSnapshot
Class not defined in dictionary.. Details: Invalid value for Pages & Classes passed to validation[/code]

Says who...? If I list a top-level page associated with Embed-AppSnapshot, that validates fine.


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December 15, 2009 - 11:45am

Never mind -- another validation warning had triggered this.
Not an issue.