Opening work item from the recent list always opening read only and user needs click on assignment link to make it editable. Is there a way of the work item is not locked open in editable and if it is locked open in read option ?

On clicking on the recent work items on the left navigation panel for the user portal it is always opening in readonly option. If the work item is not locked can it be opened in update mode (perform harness) and if it is locked showing it in Read mode. How can we achieve this requirement ?

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August 11, 2016 - 11:19pm

The way recents is depends on pyExecute Page meta data avilable in recents page. If the work object is not already opened on the client side, it just switches the document. otherwise it does OpenByWorkByHandle from server and it will be opened in Review Mode. If you want to open is directly in perform mode based on it is locked or not, you have get control over assignment key and configure OpenAssignment UI action.. Am i missing something?

August 15, 2016 - 7:27am
Response to REDDR3

Hi Ravi, 

Can I have more details when you say I have to get contol of Assignmentkey and configure OpenAssignment UI Action.  

pzPopulateRecentList, pzPopulateRecentList (are final rules).

Requirement I am trying here is when user clicks on work item from the recent items it should open directly on a editable mode in the work area(if the workitem is not already locked).