Not able to upload logfiles into PLA

I have followed what ever mentioned in below path for installing PLA;

i got home window of PLA but when i try to upload log files by clicking Alert/System/GC i am not getting further window.Could you please suggest what to do to get further window.Thanks in advance.

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August 16, 2013 - 7:11am

Are the logs from an older version of PRPC ? (or from a system which was upgraded from an older version of PRPC?) If so - check that the log format is compatible with PLA : see this PDN article : https://pdn.pega.com/performance/how-to-upgrade-v5x-systems-to-enable-pla-functionality

(You can tell from looking at the logs: if they start with the yyyy-mm-dd format (eg 2013-01-01) then they should be ok, if they start with HH:MM:SS (eg 09:00:00) then this is the older format).


Also (speculating): if you are using a newer version (say 9/10) of IE - try switching on compatibility mode and try uploading the file again.....