Not able to pass paramter for Message Rule

I have created Message Key A (lets assume that message mentioned in this rule is "Value of Property is")to which i want to pass a decimal parameter. I am trying to pass a decimal Property P (lets say value of property is 10.0) as a parameter to Message Rule A in Property-Set-Message method but i am not able to save the activity.
Format used was : A\tP

I also tried the way which is told in PDN on how to append property values to text of Message Rule. So tried
"A" + P. Activity got saved but in output i am getting "A 10.0" but i should have got "Value of Property is 10.0"

Please suggest if there is any other way i can implement message rule with decimal parameter.

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May 1, 2014 - 9:23am

Sandip, I know this is an old post but there was no solution, and when I finally got to my solution I thought to share with the group at large, as this was one of the first posts that showed when I searched for solution. In the "Message" field in the activity under Property-Set-Message, you should be passing the following:



To elaborate on the issue, I'll post my own example. I have a message called "ExceedLimits" that has one variable that displays the following: The amount {1} exceeds the limit for given category.

I wish to pass a property from my activity called local.Amount to that message in the Property-Set-Message. Each time I would try using the suggested \t approach from the PRPC help, my mesage would read "The amount local.Amount exceeds the limit for given category."

With help from a colleague, I determined I needed to use the following concatenation (including the quotes):