How to use declare pages for two workobjects

Hi ,
When workobjects gets created do they create new THREAD ?

can two workobjects talk to eachother ( that means can we send data of one workobjet to another) ?

can we use Declare page for sending data between different workobjects?

I have gone through documents in PDN for DEclare pages , but i am not getting how to use it

1) I have created declare page ( Thread level)
2) created load activity also .

but how to trigger this activity , how to set property which we can see on declare page on clipbaord

kindly suggest

Jatin S

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August 25, 2011 - 11:49am

In the load activity you set the properties on the Declare Page.
When ever you access poperty on the declare page, for the first time it runs the load activity and creates the properties on the declare page. There after when ever you access the property on the declare page, the declare page check the refresh strategy and if expired it runs the load activity again to create a fresh declare page.

And for two different threads/requestors to share the same Declare page, the declare page should be defined at the node level instead of thread.


August 26, 2011 - 5:48am

Hi Trilok thanks for reply,

as per my requirement i am creating two workobjects ,
on WO1 i am fetching some data , and then flow moved to subflow and here i am creating WorkObject-2...
Now i am not able to use the data on WO-2 which
i have fetched on WO-1 ...

Now as per ur suggestion i am getting properties on pyworkpage of
wo-1 , how to set properties on the declare page in load activity?
How to access property on declare page ?

In scenario above do we need declare page at Thread or Node ?

August 26, 2011 - 10:39am

Since the processing is within a thread, you can define at thread level.
And since the declare page as to hold the properties of the pyWorkPage you can create declare page of WorkObject class. And in the first flow access some property in declare page so that the load activity gets trigerred(You do a property-set EX: param.junkName = Delcare_PageName.junkName, when you do this load activity gets trigerred. If the load activity as access to pyWorkPage then you can just do Page-copy from pyWorkPage to Declare_Page, if not pass the parameters to the load activity and do property set on the declare page).
In the flow2 you can access the properties through declare page. Before ending the flow2 you call the function ExpireDeclaretivePage to force the delcare page to expire.

And the other way to do is since you just want to pass the parameters to flow2, you can do a pagecopy in flow1 to some page that flow2 as access to.